About Tom Sykes

About me

I am a Librarian and history botherer.

This is my old blog ‘In Pursuit of History’ brushed off and made public again.

Who knows, I might even start updating it again.

I skulk around twitter at @GentlemanSykes

Previous Projects

“Roman Britain Module” for TimeMaps 

Researched, designed and wrote content for historical interactive map and accompanying teachers notes. Content covered UK Key Stage 2 curriculum guidelines.

“Return of the King” – Article for London Historians

A vivid account of Charles II’s return from exile in 1660. See Link.

“Food Fit for a King” – Submitted but as yet unpublished article

Example Article – ‘Food Fit For a King’_2012


(Old) About this Blog

This is where I blog about any history topics that are currently interesting me, or that I just fancy sharing. I stick in a few opinion pieces on occasion too. You’ll find a lot of Seventeenth Century British history here. Why? Well the early modern period in Britain was the cradle of modernity, full to the brim with excitement, conflict and fascinating people, no wonder I find myself being drawn back there, again and again. One of the most fascinating characters of that period was King Charles II (1630-1685), his exploits are a theme that runs through my research and writing, in particular his unique story as the exiled King who returned to his people


Tom Sykes (2012)



3 thoughts on “About Tom Sykes

  1. Sam

    Hiya! Just came across your blog when searching for some stuff on Charles II and I have to say, I love your blog! Would it be ok to link to you on mine? It’s fairly new and I’m quite new to the whole history blogging thing, but I adore it and I’m aiming to use mine as somewhere to log my journey through MA, PhD and beyond :D

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Tom Sykes Post author

      Thanks for the kind comments, i’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’d love it if you linked to me, and it’s always a pleasure to read a new blog, what is your blog address?


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