Job Hunting Wordle

I did promise that this blog wouldn’t become a job hunting blog, and I’d like to stick to that. Unfortunately, the pursuit of jobs is entirely engulfing my life at the moment, which explains the absence of any writing here. So I just did a job hunt wordle and I thought I’d share.

When filling in the ‘personal statement’ section of a job application it’s always useful to run it through Wordle, once you’ve done a full draft. Wordle is great at giving you an immediate feel for the key themes in your writing and most importantly will show up needless repetativity.

In this case, I’m quite pleased with the outcome, for the job I’m applying to it looks like the words I’m repeating show that I’m focusing on the right things. The one thing I’m going to go back and fix though is the word ‘believe’, I suspect I’ve said ‘I believe I am/can/will’ too many times. I am generally self effacing in life, but there isn’t really room for that in a job application, and usually its not even accurate, just pointless modesty. I’ll be replacing it with ‘I am/can/will’ which is actually what I feel (I wouldn’t be applying if I didn’t).


5 thoughts on “Job Hunting Wordle

  1. Sam

    Can you try the Council’s temp agency? They’re really good and I’ve had work from them before. My OH is currently working in the planning dept at the council through the TEA as an earner while he’s looking for something more. Ooooor you could always come and work at the bank I work at xD

    1. Tom Sykes Post author

      Not a bad idea in the short term, no options are off the table! It’s the time it takes from application to interview outcome that is so frustrating at the moment. Din’t help that I had to turn a job offer down either, that was horrible. Would I get to wear a bowler hat & pinstripes at the Bank?

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