If Christmas Day shall fall upon the Sunday

Are we feeling Christmasy yet?


Well all I can say is thank goodness Christmas Day is falling on a Sunday this year.


if Christmas day shall fall vpon the Sunday, the yeere shall be good, seasonable and abounding with all store and plenty:

if it fall vpon Munday the yeere shall be reasonable temperate and fruitfull, onely something subject to inundation of waters, losse by shipwracke, and some mortality of people, especially women in childbearing:

if it fall vpon Tuesday, the yeere will prove very barraine and vnfruitfull, much dearth will raigne, and amongst people great plague and mortallitie:

if it fall vpon Wednesday, the yeere shall be reasonably seasonable, though a little inconstant: there shall be plenty of all things, onely much sickenesse, and great likelyhood of warres:

if it fall vpon the Thursday, the yeere shall be generally very temperate and wholesome, onely the Sommer subject to moistnesse, much devision is like to fall amongst the Clergie, and women shall be giuen to more laciviousnesse then at other seasons:

if it fall on the Friday, the yeere shall be barraine and vnwholesome, for sickenesse shall rage with great violence, much mortallitie shall fall amongst yong Children, and both Corne and Cattell shall be scarce, and of a deere reckoning:

if it fall on the Saturday, the yeere shall be reasonably good and plentifull, onely the people of the world shall be exceeding perverse, & much given to mutinie & dissention one against another.

From Markham Gervase’s Second Book of English Husbandmen (1614)


2 thoughts on “If Christmas Day shall fall upon the Sunday

  1. Sarah Waldock

    Hmmm, yes, to be taken with a pinch of salt I fancy, not like weather lore. I like the way you have it snowing across the writing, that’s really clever


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