Wordleing the Blog

I probably ought to wait until the New Year for this post, but what the hell I’m in the mood to be a little reflective, plus I’m sneaking blog posts in-between newborn babytime (keep quiet for the love of all that’s good and proper, or you’ll wake him *shudders*). I was reminded of Wordle when visiting this site today and it inspired me to feed this year’s posts through it, with the result as above. A grand total of 42 posts, 23,000 (ish) words, many sumptuous photos and some distinctly odd doodles. It appears I wrote about history a lot. Apparently, I said ‘one’ a disproportionate amount of times as well. One conclusion we could dra… I mean, One of the things… damnit! I must remember to run every post through Wordle in future, clearly it’s the best editor around.

I’ve Wordled before, running my dissertations and an appraisal through it (see here).


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