Get a Room!

Flicking through a collection of entries fromthe ‘Book of Depositions and Examinations before the Mayor and Justices of Southampton” I found this little sordid tale of early modern public sex from 1659.

The Informacion of John Pee of the Towne & County of South’ton Laborer aged 29 yeares of thereabouts and William Harper of the same Towne & County Laborer aged 28 yeares of thereabouts Taken before James Capelin Esq’ Maior & Nicholas Clement Alderman Justices of the peace in the said Towne and County the X1th day of October 1659.

The said Informants say that they being walking on Sunday last the 9th of this instant October in the fields called West Maudlinge within this Towne & County they these informants saw one Thomas Sunday a soldier and Joane Inglefeild the servant maid of Ellis Antram of this towne Innholder have the Carnall Knowledge of one the others bodyes in the ditch of the said Feild twice after one another

The marke of

John X Pee

will’ harrper

What makes me chuckle most is that they watched them have sex twice, a tale of early modern exhibitionists and voyeurs then.


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