Do Try One, a blog post that is.

Yes, the blog has changed again (a general cry of ‘get that man a job he has too much time on his hands’ goes up). The simple fact is that I hated using Posterous, it is a terrible piece of blogging software for me. I’ve been very busy recently, trying to build up research, plan for future work opportunities, and look for real work in the short term.  This has meant that  blogging has dropped down the list of priorities a little bit. This is something I regret, as when it’s working then pulling together these history posts is an absolute pleasure. As you keep reading them I assume you must enjoy them, so i’d like to keep them coming. Unfortunately, Posterous was making blogging an absolute chore; it is hard to edit, it is not text friendly, it is not good for images, it is not good for commenting. Perhaps I’m a control freak, but wordpress lets you finesse your work a lot more, and so I’m back. Long time readers will recognise the old site, but I’ve jazzed it up a little as well. A little bit of history jazz, nice.


The site address remains the same, so if you currently link to, then you don’t need to change anything (but might be worth checking that the link works). If you currently don’t link to this site, well, I’d really appreciate it if you considered adding me to your blogroll or website. I’d like to get my articles out thre to as many people as possible who enjoy reading about history, or who just like a good read. Don’t make me flutter my eyelashes and show a bit of leg…

I hope to have some more posts up soon.


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