The Gent is dead. Long live the Gent!

*waving monkey*

*drum roll*

The time has come to say goodbye to the Gentleman Administrator on WordPress. This will be the last post on this blog and it’s genuinely a bitter-sweet moment. Writing here has been one of the highlights of the last eighteen months for me and the wonderful feedback I’ve had from people in the comments section and on twitter has made every post worth it. However, as the title indicates this is not the end it’s the beginning. As of 30th November I will cease to be a Gentleman Administrator in the terms in which I defined it 83 posts ago. I am leaving university administration for pastures new. Firstly, to be a dad and then who knows.


I am marking this change by moving to a new home on Posterous. The new website features a new identity, er, well an old one in the shape of a certain Mr Tom Sykes (you’ll recognise the face though). However, all the posts from this site have been ported over and spruced up a little. So, first of all let me unveil the new site:


In Pursuit of History



Please come over and have a look. Feel free to browse some of the old material at the new site at your leisure.


More explanation of my background and the move can be found here:


About Me


I’ll be putting some more thoughts down about this in a new post there in the future. In the meantime I want to say thank you all for visiting this site (it will remain mothballed here) and thankyou in advance for continuing to visit me in my new home. Oh and if you don’t I’ll set Tiny Dog on you:



3 thoughts on “The Gent is dead. Long live the Gent!

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  2. Amro

    I only started following you and this blog relatively recently – but I have enjoyed your posts very much.

    Good luck with your new virtual home, new job and most of all to being a father!


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