Autumn Days are here


Today has been one of slow pottering and of calmly and deliberately ignoring the pressing and urgent things that I should be doing. Part of this is down to the definite change of seasons that has come a little early this September; Autumn is in the air. The changing over of seasons has a number of little effects on us. You start to notice that your wardrobe has been incrementally changing, out has gone the t-shirt in has come the jumper. This was confirmed to me this morning as I began to shiver a little in my linen summer jacket on the way to pick up the paper. Dear Linen jacket, consider yourself retired for the year. The other key effect that I notice is in my stomach (not its increased girth, cheeky). With the changing of the seasons guard I get urge the to plan the menu for the coming months. So today’s only tangible target has been to get out the cookbooks and browse their delicious and nutritious pages.


Autumn and winter food is without a doubt my favourite. I love hearty casseroles, soups, welsh rarebit with sweet chutney, warming mulled wine and apple crumble… oh, wait let me just wipe the drool off the keyboard. I’m not suggesting for a minute that I’ll actually manage to plan out day by day, week by week what I’ll be eating. I know perfectly well that I am not that disciplined, nor am I that much of a foodie to want to cook a gourmet treat every day, cheese on beans on toast pops up surprisingly often after a tiring day of administration.


The aforementioned, cheese on beans on toast.


In particular I’ve been planning for chutneys, pickles and jams. These need to mature for 2-3 months before they’re at their best, so September is the time to make them ahead of the long, dark winter months.  For me, chutney making marks the start of Autumn as much as the dip in temperature or the acorns dropping. This year I’ll be giving chutney as presents so I want to diversify a little. As well as my usual variant on the River Cottage Glutney and good ol’ fashion picked onions I’ve decided to also make: piccalilli, onion marmalade, Jamie Oliver’s ‘cheeky chilli-pepper chutney’ (groan at the name) and tomato ketchup. Yum.


As well as the chutneys I’ve begun to earmark some of the recipes I most definitely want to cook this season and started the list of ingredients to stockpile, there’s plenty more to do though. Today’s pottering has also seen the dismantling of the pea nets and digging up of the now decrepit tomato plants. Just about enough gardening for a lazy day. I may not be biologically in my 80s, Avatar aside, but my idea of a successful day is rather akin to an elderly fellow. To top it off I think I might just settle down and watch Road to Morroco, the title tune of which, incidentally, contains the best book binding joke song lyric of all time ‘like Websters dictionary we’re Morocco bound’ (enjoy):




3 thoughts on “Autumn Days are here

  1. Hels

    Oh I hear you, I hear you. “This was confirmed to me this morning as I began to shiver a little in my linen summer jacket on the way to pick up the paper. Dear Linen jacket, consider yourself retired for the year.”

    Although Australia is going towards summer just now, I also have a bit of a retirement ceremony at the end of each summer and winter. It is a bit sad, I think, saying goodbye to clothes you have loved for 3-6 months, knowing you won’t see them again till next March. And worse still, when I put away my bathing suit, I know there will be no more beach or pool events. That is the worst.


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