Babies, Blogs and Desks

I’ve taken a somewhat extended break from blogging over the Summer holidays, partly as there have been a lot of distractions and partly due to a lack of clear vision where to take the blog next. My last scribblings marked 75 posts, which is possibly a respectable amount in a year but the gaps in-between have grown longer and the writing shorter. Let us say the future is opaque for the Gentleman Administrator’s blog.


One of these distractions is the happiest there could be and that is the impending arrival, on 14th November if he/she is punctual, of baby Gent. Baby Gent will be our first child. An impending baby is an exciting and energising change and something of a slow burn in terms of impact. Bit by bit we have begun to prepare and in the last few weeks, as The Bump has become increasingly pronounced, change has come apace. Which ‘travel system’? Cot or Cot/Bed? Disposable or Terry’s?  Answers to obscure questions that I never knew existed are now required at every turn. Radical re-jigging of our modest little abode has dominated this last week, including the epic construction of a sliding door wardrobe as those that follow @GentlemanSykes can attest to. It has also meant the end of my beloved desk and study. Folks, I have been evicted and this has required some sideways thinking:



Yep, I speak too. The new lounge location will I’m sure be the catalyst for much writing in the future, it has the added bonus in that I can can stare wistfully at my garden as well. Churlishness aside I’m more than happy to relocate for the new arrival. I won’t deny that there is fear and not a little anxiousness, but so far it’s balanced with joyous anticipation helped happily by Mrs G. having had a smooth ride so far. Perhaps I’ll even write a few posts about the little-un when he/she arrives: ‘Tales from the Poop End’ anyone?


As for the other distractions I’ll talk about them in a few weeks time. With a little luck and inspiration I’ll be posting again soon with a bit of the old history gubbins.



5 thoughts on “Babies, Blogs and Desks

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  2. Hels

    First baby, hey? Welcome to the adult world of no sleep, turning up to work with sour milk on the back of your suit coat and silly, gummy smiles that make it all worth while.

    Just keep this in mind:
    birth – 2: not much sleep
    2-15: brilliant years, child thinks you are clever
    15-23: snarly, hairy teenager
    23 on: brilliant, intelligent, loving son or daughter

    And keep on blogging. For your own sake!


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