Return of Early Modern X-Men and Doodles

This is a post about doodles. The administrator bit of the Gentleman Administrator does have to attend more than his fair share of meetings. I’m not a great fan of meetings and as I have discussed previously here I am in illustrious historical company. You may have noticed from previous Early Modern X-Men posts (here & here) I have a tendency to doodle, in fact it’s about the farthest extent of my artistic abilities.  It’s in meetings that I do most of my doodlings. Having had a stressful morning today I decided to try some therapeutic filing cabinet cleansing and as I began to thin out years of pointless notes I stumbled across some of the odd products of my distracted mind, so I thought I’d share them here. There is probably some in-depth study somewhere that will reveal quite how psychotic these doodles prove me to be, I await the report.

To begin with, here’s another delivery of Early Modern X-Men.


Complete nonsense. On to the doodles:


4 thoughts on “Return of Early Modern X-Men and Doodles

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  2. Laura

    I always suspected that the Great Fire began in ways we never even dreamed of, none of this Pudding Lane rubbish. Nice wig renderings there, too. Just come across your blog, I think it’s great!


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