Drunk History & a History Blog Anniversary

Ok, I fully suspect this clip will divide opinion. It’s irreverent, it’s funny, it’s gross, it’s drunk History:

I would pay good money to see a pissed up Starkey do this.

Oh, by the way it’s been a year since I started this history blogging malarkey. It’s been an absolute pleasure and I’ve posted before about how it’s helped me to continue thinking about history even though I’m not involved in it in any career or academic sense (at the moment). What has surprised me most has been the fantastic people, twitterers, bloggers (history and otherwise) that it’s introduced me to. It always amazes me that there is an audience for my ramblings and musing and I really appreciate the wonderful feedback I’ve had from people. I’d love to be able to devote more time to writing about history, and with a bit of luck in the future I will be able to, and I promise the next post won’t be a YouTube video…


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