In which the X-Men switch sides

Ok, by popular demand a couple of extra Early Modern Marvel comics, but only because the Bahrain Grand Prix is bobbins. As I said in the last post, the 17th Century was a time of impassioned divisions. These divisions cut across all sorts of traditional social ties, such as family and even religion, with many key players switching sides as their conscience dictated. A good example being General Monck’s career and in particular his role in the Restoration,  while he started the Civil War as a Royalist he became one of the finest leaders of the parliamentarian cause, only to become the most important player in the return of the Monarchy from exile.


Anyway, turns out Wolverine & co. swapped sides too. Here I reveal their hitherto unknown role in the Great Troubles:


Wolverine Switches Sides


Prince Rupert vs Magneto


2 thoughts on “In which the X-Men switch sides

  1. LillaBrunaElk

    Agree on the Grand Prix – megabobbins. Mr Elk is however gripped but did look away long enough to see why I was chortling so much! As comic aficionado he was impressed and Stan Lee was even mentioned.

    I am very much enjoying your cartoons from what I am choosing to call the “Naive School” of cartooning. Naive only in education, not humour *thinks over typical tweets, blushes*

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