Plays, Wines and Other Expenses – the New Year Resolutions!


December 31st 1661

I have newly taken a solemn oath about abstaining from plays and wine, which I am resolved to keep according to the letter of the oath which I keep by me…


December 31st 1662

…and yet would not have been so much if I had not lived a very orderly life all this year by virtue of the oaths that God put into my heart to take against wine, plays, and other expenses, and to observe for these last twelve months, and which I am now going to renew, I under God owing my present content thereunto…




Like Pepys I find the New Year is a good time to take stock and pull together some resolutions. Pepys was not always so good at keeping his oath (despite his claims), though as an oath he clearly took it seriously and it seemed to have some impact on his behavior.

Did I achieve last year’s resolutions? Well my main resolution was to pick up my historical reading and research and to find time to write, so all in all it’s been a successful year. I didn’t know a year ago that I would have my own blog and I didn’t know six months ago, when I decided to give it a try, that it would still be going in the New Year. This post is number fifty, it’s not prolific but I still think of it as a decent start and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. As important as my blog has been to me, an unexpected benefit of the year has been meeting so many other interesting historians and bloggers via their blogs and via Twitter. It’s been truly a pleasure interacting in that medium (and to think I was such a cynic)

So what do I want from 2010? Well more history for certain; more Restoration, more Charles II and hopefully I’ll have some time to dip into early modern science this year. The blogging continues, but at some point the format might change. I doubt the posts will be more prolific as your Gentleman Administrator has a busy but interesting year ahead on the work front; life for UK Universities is only going to get harder in the next 12 months. However, there may be more non-history and I may even try my hand at some non-prose and stick it on here as well (run for the hills).

I hope that you’ve found the blog interesting and enjoyable over the last six months and here’s to more blogging in 2010.


Oh, and unlike Pepys I will not be abstaining from plays, wines or other expenses. Sod that.


2 thoughts on “Plays, Wines and Other Expenses – the New Year Resolutions!

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  2. Caroline

    Happy New Year! I’m the same about Twitter – I was really against joining for ages because it sounded like a waste of time, but it’s been brilliant for meeting other historians and writers.

    Looking forward to your posts in 2010.


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