Christmas do. Christmas don’t. Or, Let it Snow Leopard, Let it Snow Leopard &c.

Now I’m a big fan of Christmas, as will be evident on this blog throughout the month, but the dark days of December and the accompanying yuletide festivities are not exactly conducive to productive research. Accompanying the torrid drudge of long, dark days finishing off projects and reports, the employer party season is now also in full swing. Work Christmas party number two was last night and the third and final is tomorrow night (Friday is booked off for recovery). Add to the mix late night shopping and sure enough there has not been much time for picking up the history books. Unfortunately, there is nothing like a frustrated history geek to ruin the Christmas spirit.

Frustrated history geek reaches forlornly for his tinsel entombed books

I’ve always found Christmas in an office a slightly traumatic experience, bringing together as it does an uneasy mix of forced frivolity and barely concealed managerial irritation. My colleagues were impressively restrained this year in throwing up the decorations, waiting for at least 5 days into Advent, normally they are all up by 1 December. Here is Josef the Snow Leopard (star of this previous blog post) demonstrating the forced festive frivolousness.

Snow Leopard on a tree. In an office. At Christmas.

Hope he doesn’t fall off.

Well, I’m off to burn some holly. B’ah humbug &c.

Actually, failing that I might just watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and get in the yuletide mood.


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