Naughty Monkey

One of the details from the broadsheet I featured in these recent posts  (A mad, mad, mad, mad designe Part 1 & Part 2) made me chuckle so much I though I would reproduce it again. It’s the monkey peeping up the priests cassock:

Aside from stealing a wallet from a catholick man of faith, whats he doing? I’m sure it’s symbolic of something, possibly just the association of the malign monkey with a priest is enough. There did seem to be a slight obsession with monkeys in the Early Modern period.

It also reminded me of a string of posts earlier in the year featuring monkeys that I thought I would take the opportunity of reminding people of:

You should start with Edward Vallance’s post:

Oliver Cromwell and the Monkey

(a superb sitcom title if ever I saw one)

Followed up by Mercurius Politicus’:

Monkey Magic

If you’re still in need of a monkey fix then I recommend visiting Got medieval:

Snails vs Monkeys: Gastropocalypse Now


A Surfeit of Monkeys

Right, that’s your lot, enough flogging the monkey.

*waving monkey*


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