Upcoming Carnivalesques

I posted about History Carnivals a few weeks back (here) and so I thought I’d drop in an advert for the upcoming round of Carnivalesques:



Cromwell's Death Mask


November – (Early Modern)

The next Early-Modern edition will be at Investigations of a Dog on 22nd November. Send nominations to jenna@4-lom.com or use the early-modern nomination form.





December – (Ancient/Medieval)

The next Ancient/Medieval will be at Zenobia: Empress of the East on 30/31 October. Send nominations to bavardess@gmail.com or use the ancient/medieval nomination form



The Gentleman Administrator's Crumbly Fizzog


January – (Early Modern)

The first Early Modern Carnivalesque of 2010 will be hosted by your friendly neighbourhood Gentleman Administrator. Submission details to follow in December.



Early Modern Notes

More on Carnivals

For more general info about History Carnivals and links to past occurrences visit Early Modern Web


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