The Gent in Ghent

The Gentleman Administrator has returned from holiday overseas, huzzah! (well Norfolk and Belgium, only one of which feels like a foreign country…)

It may have been fairly obvious from the increasing shrillness of my Twitter comments and the recent posts prior to my absence that the pressures of delivering business change within a ‘distributed administrative model’ were possibly weighing on my mind. In hindsight, starting a blog that is meant to be an an aid and encouragement to historical musings in the two months leading up to a project go-live probably was bad timing. Inevitably my mind has been on the administrative world more than the academic. In the coming months I aim to swing this blog a little more toward the historical as I hopefully pick up my studying out of hours. Which means that the next few blogs will probably have nothing to do with history…

So, what was the Gentleman Administrator doing visiting the old United Provinces? Visiting relatives of course, see the family resemblance?

The Gentleman Administrator

The Gentleman Administrator

de herenbeheerder

de herenbeheerder

So, refreshed, relaxed and enjoying Stuart Broad demolishing the Aussies via Test Match Special the Gentleman Administrator is back; now where are those notes…


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