Work avoidance

In the inevitable bouts of work avoidance that comes with trying to finalise a project comes plenty of web wanderings, so I thought I’d share some of the more best content that I’ve come across recently:


Charlie Darwin:

Kate Beaton’s comics are pure genius, and this guest comic by Aaron Diaz made me laugh out loud: “you just got huxxed”.

Darwin's Cousin

Monkey see, Monkey do:

When early modern historians and primates meet; Edward Vallance and Mercurius Politicus on Darwin’s cousins.

Sonic being cool

Sonic The Hedgehog @the Gaming Historian.

Sonic was pretty much the most exciting thing to the 12 year old Gentleman Administrator, so I’m going to enjoy these episodes:


TokyoCooney goes shopping:

More insights into living in Japan, mmmm MSG.

Swine Flu

More Swine Flu horror:

While I posted on swine flu the other day, at least I haven’t had to put up with this horror, thanks Lol manuscripts!


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