Ashes to Ashes

Test match cricket may well be the finest form of the great game but there’s a fair chance it’s going to destroy any chance of delivering my project on time. It’s certainly hard to focus on writing online guidance for students when the temptation of Over-By-Over commentry waits for you on the Guardian website: OBO. As too does the now seemingly  omnipresent (thanks largely to Twitter) Stephen Fry, not such a bad thing of course. Here he is combining, as always, witty perceptive comment with additional nob gags, on the subject of the old game.

What I didn’t realise was quite how old cricket actually is as a documented sport. According to Wikipedia the oldest recorded mention of cricket in the records is in 1598, this was in a court case which itself referred to cricket being played in a School in Surrey in the 1550s. By the Restoration it was an increasing popular village sport and by the 18th century it was well documented and gambled upon.

So OBO + Internet search for random historical cricket anecdotes = project resource issues.

Joy. If we win the Ashes it’ll be worth it.

P.S. Stick Cricket isn’t helping my deadline either.


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