Wordleing the Dissertation (not a euphemism)

Now, Nick over at Mercurius Politicus has got  lot to answer for. Firstly, his site sets the standards for insightful historical blogging ludicrously high (Dammit). Secondly, today’s post in which he has Wordled his recently completed first draft MA dissertation has inspired me to spend the entire evening wordling. I have only just been able to drag myself out of said utterly addictive hole, pulling myself out like some gin addled old soak, wondering where the time went, trawling every last example of written text he can lay his hand on hoping for that last fix.

So to raise a metephorical glass to all those who are writting dissertations this glorious summer, I give you the Gentleman Administrator’s MA and BA Dissertation in glorious Wordle Cloudovision:

Masters Dissertation

Masters Dissertation

BA Disseration

BA Dissertation

I must admit though, I did have to extract the word ‘however’ from my MA dissertation cloud as it was embarrassingly large.

To contrast these two I had a go at the section I wrote for my own self reflection for my recent appraisal document:

2009 Appraisal

2009 Appraisal

Loving the fact the ‘work’ is the biggest word in my self-reflection.

Before I spend any more time on this (and I cannot miss tonight’s episode of Inside Natures Giants on Channel 4) I will sign off, but I don’t expect this is the last we will see of Wordle, now where’s that bottle…


2 thoughts on “Wordleing the Dissertation (not a euphemism)

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